Why should Paramilitary Insignia be Removed ?

Wicket-keeper MS Dhoni with insignia of Parachute Regiment in IND Vs SA Match on June 5,2019

ICC has requested BCCI to remove the paramilitary insignia on MS Dhoni Gloves. But the question is -What’s the problem with insignia ?.

According to ICC rules ,no symbols on shirts or gloves should represent any political,religion or racist ideas.Hence, the insignia of defense forces does not represent any of above thing.It only represent the love and respect of a player for his country defense forces.Also, he has been awarded with the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in [Parachute Regiment].

Pakistan Cricket Team praying Namaz on the ground in ICC World Cup 2019

Some questions for ICC:

Pakistan Cricket Team pray Namaz on the ground, is this not religion-based???

Many players on the ground wear jesus or god symbols,is this not religion based???

If ICC persist their stand of anti-india and pro-islamic,then they should change their names from International Cricket Council to (Islamic Cricket Council).Also, BCCI should rejects the request of ICC on removal of Insignia from Dhoni’s gloves.For every citizen of India, priority should be country,then other things.For me, first is country and for you………

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